What makes Civicom ® different?

  • Extreme Reliability
  • Service Excellence
  • Widest Feature Set
  • Best Value
  • Social Responsibility

Extreme Reliability – Arranging the schedules of senior executives for a conference call takes time, and failure is extremely embarrassing. This is why the Civicom platform is 100% redundant (n+n) across two automatically failed-over and geographically dispersed locations. Civicom has in excess of 99.95% uptime. We are the leader in client-driven, innovative technology.

Service Excellence – When you call us, you immediately reach a person, not a voice tree. You’ll be speaking with a professional who can address your question or request within 60 seconds. We offer consultative solutions, based on your specific needs.  With Civicom, you receive personal attention. We make every customer feel like they are our only customer.

Widest Feature Set – We offer every feature in conferencing and several exclusive to Civicom:  Reservationless or operator assisted conferencing; Host pin’s; name request on entry with web-based retrieval of names (exclusive); Name announce; roll-call (unique and superior); Moderator/participant codes; “Audibles,” like cheers, applause, laughter, etc. (exclusive); Live web-based call management with mute/unmute, drop one/all, and dial out; Recording with .wav file access through your online account; High-quality on-demand transcriptions (with four-hour turn around on request); Client matter/accounting codes; verbal client matter/accounting codes (exclusive); Customizable, “branded” greetings(unique); Customizable hold music (exclusive);Customizable entry/exit tones (exclusive); Broadcast mode; Q&A facilitation; Polling and polling reports; Sub-conferencing; Carrier selection (exclusive); Dial-out with custom greeting (exclusive);Dial-out with or without requested response; The conference blaster (exclusive); The dialer page (exclusive); One-click calling (exclusive).


Best Value – Given the high stakes and high visibility of the conferencing experience, it is important not only that the price be low, but also that the quality and reliability be exceptional. The combination makes for superior value. We can offer our superior quality at a price almost as low as most other providers, even those some of the much inferior services out there.

Social Responsibility – The corporate philanthropy concept pioneered by Civicom stands above the loud clutter of “socially responsible” models out there. Ten percent (a “tithe”) of the company’s stock was permanently pledged to a humanitarian and relief organization committed to assisting the less fortunate and vulnerable around the world. This is not a token nod to a cause. Its greatest value lies in the potential that other companies will follow the lead. Imagine a world where half of the merchants are “corporate tithe” companies. They are sought out by potential customers while others are shunned. The employees who work in “tithe” companies have an elevated sense of purpose. Since they are working for meaning beyond money, they are more productive and enjoy what they do more. If you think this idea has merit, please do just one thing to support it — just because it is a worthy idea.


What makes Adobe Connect Pro different?

Civicom Has Done The Research – Civicom has done the research for you through a six-month analysis of current online meeting trends and technologies. We evaluated 35 services in the process of choosing Adobe Connect as our partner. We first narrowed the field to about five services that employ “Flash” as the enabling technology. This is because Flash works seamlessly across both Mac and PC platforms, and — since you must have it to view many web sites — it is self-updating. With other services, users are constantly downloading and updating the viewer client for whatever new service the latest presenter is using (WebEx one day, Live Meeting the next, then InterCall and so on.) Adobe Connect just works for everyone all the time.

Most Reliable Technology – We chose Adobe in the end, because Adobe owns Flash and is in the best position to be keep its many moving parts free of defects and working across all the Mac and PC operating systems. It is the most reliable web presentation technology across multiple operating systems.

Adobe also offers the greatest degree of user flexibility, enabling you to use the technology to replicate almost any approach to information sharing that you would otherwise engage in a conference room. You can contact Civicom’s trained team members for assistance at any time or to brainstorm what you want to accomplish through an online event, instead of in person. A Civicom technician can also run your event for you.



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